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Shirley in Greece
Photo by Priscilla Walker

I started mucking about in my mom's garden when I was a wee girl, in gooey, black earth that squished through my little fingers and felt wonderful! A brief pinch pot encounter in grade 11 introduced me to a luscious new earth.........."Clay". Then an introductory ceramics class in a 2 year Recreation program at Malaspina College in Nanaimo, B.C. It was during this time that I realized that I must forever have clay in my life. I then took a one semester class of pottery instruction with Byron Johnstad at Malaspina College. I attend workshops whenever possible and have worked for some extremely creative potters, Gordon Hutchens, Bentley LeBaron, and Janet Moe.

I love making one of a kind pieces, some functional, some sculptural. I use collected items and organic textures in my hand-built and wheel-thrown pieces. I make pieces as small as earrings and as large as wall torso's. It astounds me to know that my pottery has found homes all over the world. My pieces are finished in an electric kiln, or Gordon Hutchens Anagama wood-fired kiln. I also use a smoke-firing barrel.

I am constantly inspired by nature's shapes, colours, and textures; that perfect dance of birth and decay.

       .....Shirley Phillips



telephone at: (250) 335-2085.